AllยปThailand-Din Dang Natural Building Project

Thailand-Din Dang Natural Building Project

Project id:14
Date submitted:2012-07-28
Date approved:2013-09-12
Project name:DinDang Natural Building Project
Short description:natural and traditional techniques of clay house building
Country name:Thailand
Region name:Asia
Address:Ban DinDang

51/2 M.4 T.Paksong

Phato district.

Chumphon 86180

Commitment:About 1 week (or less)
Type of work:Construction and Labour
Required skills:English
Costs:Less than 500 USD / month
Contact person:Rewat Thongbunchu
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+66 (0) 87 287 2745
Full description:DinDang Natural Building Center aims to promote natural building techniques, including only natural building materials. We are building the facilities for our educational center and volunteers can learn and help at the same time.
Additional info:The organization was set up in the year 2007 and works with both Thai and international volunteers in order to realize its current goal: to set up an educational center where all those interested in natural building techniques can find information and share knowledge.

DinDang is a Thai word, it means: red soil. And red soil is what we use for building.

You can find information on our website on our projects and workshops, on how to participate as a volunteer in our project and where to find us.