AllยปThailand-Rak Tamachat Sustainability And Permaculture Education Center

Thailand-Rak Tamachat Sustainability And Permaculture Education Center

Project id:50
Date submitted:2012-10-21
Date approved:2013-10-24
Project name:RakTamachat Sustainability and Permaculture Education Center
Short description:Sharing the necessary tools to become self-reliant within a community setting
Country name:Thailand
Region name:Asia
Address:64 Moo 8, Nong Bua Noi, Sikhui, Nakronrachisima, 30140, Thailand
Commitment:About 1 week (or less)
Type of work:General Projects / Multiple Activities
Required skills:No skills required, but Earth care, People care, and Fair share are ethics we promote, and therefore expect from volunteers.
Costs:Less than 500 USD / month
Contact person:Steven Wiig
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+66 (0)810652713
Full description:We are a new (Jan,2012) Permaculture project in a rural area of Isan, Thailand. This land was a conventional farm, but now a community has been formed to transform the site into a diverse and exciting environment and community based project and home.
Additional info:View our website for all the details, but these are
Our 2012 goals and what you will be helping us achieve
Produce 80 of community food on site
implement basic water systems
planning and working on natural buildings, primarily Adobe, waddle and cob, and bamboo
establish beginnings of our food forest
continue working toward soil fertility
begin integration with local community using permaculture strategies
have established a solid foundation for resident community systems
Sala is a functional, comfortable, welcoming environment
create a functioning nursery
researching and applying appropriate technology
healing, yoga, meditation
have fun

As for the cost, we ask for 2000 Baht a week cover food costs, as well as help fund projects on the site. Also, the long term members are involved in a profit share system, so after expenses, half the money from your stay will go to the farm and half with be shared among the long termers.