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Project Name:Rokpa Volunteer English Teachers to Tibet
Date Posted:29/08/2006
Date Updated:16/06/2008
City/Town:Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province – also sometimes in Tibetan areas of Gansu and Sichuan Provinces.
Commitment:Minimum of 6 month
People Needed:many
Description:Teaching English
Email:diana108(AT), CC to: charity(AT), info(AT)

The Organization:

“Rokpa" is the Tibetan word for "to help" or "to serve". ROKPA INTERNATIONAL is a charity founded in 1980 by its President Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche, a Tibetan meditation master and doctor and by Ms. Lea Wyler, its Vice-President, a Swiss actress, together with her father, Dr. Veit Wyler. The international headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland with national headquarters and branches in 18 countries. ROKPA INTERNATIONAL helps and supports people in need irrespective of their nationality, religion or cultural background. As a charity it is totally non-political.
ROKPA supports more than 140 projects in Tibet, Nepal, Zimbabwe


1: Normally candidates should be over 25 and prepared to work alone and without supervision or support. A teaching qualification and previous experience of teaching is essential. Experience of living in the developing world is desirable.

2: Send CV with brief letter or email stating your interest and availability to the above addresses.

3: If considered suitable, further information on the projects will be sent.

4: An interview will be arranged at a mutually convenient time and place. Sometimes it is possible to interview by phone at the candidate’s expense.

5: Successful applicants will be provided with further information by email. This contains travel advice, lists of useful things to take, a set of protocols and contact details, reports by previous volunteer teachers.

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