AllยปTibetans In Dharamsala

Tibetans In Dharamsala

Project Name:Volunteer Tibet - various projects
Date Posted:20/07/2006
City/Town:Dharamsala Region
Commitment:according to project
People Needed:Many
Description:A web service similar to this site, connecting volunteers to different projects;
Contact Person:
Email:Via website
Website:Volunteer Tibet

This is a great site that has lots of information about Tibet, volunteering, religion and politics. Connection volunteers and organisations in the area in the following areas:

  • Arts/Performance
  • Environment/Agriculture
  • Children/Youth
  • Human Rights/Politics
  • Computers/Technology
  • Publishing/Media
  • Editing/Translation
  • Religion/Culture
  • Education/Teaching
  • Social Services

Aien — 30 April 2012, 04:32

Pema la,Awesome Lhakar pledge! I spent 6 mhntos or so at Sarah and it absolutely helped a lot. but if you don't put in substantial effort outside the classes progress will be much slower and discourag