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Togo-Promotion And Human Development Small Fee Required

Project Name:Promotion and Human Development Centre
Date Posted:25/07/2006
Date Updated:16/06/2008
Address:Promotion et Développement Humain (PDH) B.P. 20832 Lomé, Togo, West Africa
Commitment:No minimum commitment
People Needed:Max. 15
Required Skills:French language is strongly encouraged, though not mandatory; volunteers are encouraged to learn the language
Description:Small health and social service centre.Activities include: medical support and referrals, vital care for HIV/AIDS patients, HIV/AIDS educational workshops, support for orphans, counselling, home and hospital visits, and documenting all of these activities.
Contact Person:PDH International Volunteer Team, Togo
Phone:Land line: 00 228 251-77-52; Mobile: 00 228 910-46-34, Togo
This project requires a small fee.Note: This project has a small fee required.

PDH, the Promotion and Human Development social service centre, is based in Lomé, Togo. It provides public health and social services for the community. Target groups include: AIDS orphans or children made vulnerable by AIDS, street children, HIV/AIDS patients, and those with other health and personal problems. A substantial number of cases involve HIV/AIDS patients.

Whilst we at Independent Volunteer cannot vouch for this program, it was recommended to us and we felt that the modest donation of €150 seemed appropriate given that it is going directly to the centre.

  • The only fee that PDH requests from you is a one-time "compulsory donation" of € 150. Such a fee ensures the survival of the centre and the availability of volunteer work for you.
  • As you will soon discover, the administrative costs are extremely minimal and PDH guarantees that this money will end up in the hands of those who need it most.
  • Your second expense will be a weekly fee of €38 or 25,000 CFA, which will provide you with accommodation and three meals per day. This, along with the "compulsory donation" is due upon arrival.
  • Your other expenses will include € 15 per month for your VISA and around € 2 per week for safe, packaged mineral water (insist on "Voltic" available in cheap plastic sachets).

An example of a 12 week stay is as follows:

  • €150 "compulsory donation"
  • €38 weekly x 12 for food and accommodation (€456)
  • €15 monthly x 3 for VISA= (€45)
  • €2 weekly x 12 for water= (€24)
  • Total: €525
  • On top of this you will obviously have to add airfares, travel insurance, vaccinations and personal spending money.

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