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Uganda-Developement Of The Department Of Environment

Project Name:Developement of the department of Environment-Iganga Town Council-Uganda
Date Posted:19/01/2009
Address:P.O BOX 161
Commitment:4 Months
Type Of Work:Iganga Town council is an Urban center.It has a Population of about 700000 people. It has never had an environment officer. It recently recruited one but does not know how to come up with a work plan of the activities that the enviroment department should be handling(Mission, Vison, Objectives, Activities,costs, sources of funds, outputs, Imapcts) of th department). This is what the volunteer will be requested to develop.
Required Skills:Knowledge in environment palnning and management,Project proposal wiriting, fund raising, community mobilization......
Costs:We are confortable with US $500 Per month for food, accomodation,laundary work and airport pick-up on arrival.
Contact Person:Kaidhiwa Michael J
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:Iam a volunteer coordinator in Iganga district. Iam 35 years in possession of a Bachelor of Developemnt Studies. I have been coordinating volunteers for the last two years. I will be greatful to work with you for a common goal. Thank you.

Auth — 16 March 2012, 21:24

WOW!! What an inspiring msgsaee from Josephine. WALC's role in supporting her financially and bringing her to the ILCA conference and Dr Sears' workshop are something we can be proud of. I am gratef