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Uganda-Kin Initiative

Project Name:Kin initiative (KIN)
Date Posted:08/01/2008
Date Updated:07/08/2008
Address:p.o. box 31135 Nakivubo Uganda
Commitment:1 month minimum
Type Of Work:childcare,health care,assist children with their daily home work,teach english,help in nearby primary schools,organise recreations and outings,sports coaching to community children,teach music and dance,building and construction,organic farming,repair and maintenance.
Required Skills:No qualifications are needed just a love for children and a desire to assist are essential prerequisites.
Costs:less than a month $250
first month $350
second month $250
Contact Person:Ben Ssennoga
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Website: none?
Additional Info:Kin initiative (KIN) is a non governmental community based organization situated at Gganda-Busiro wakiso district in basically centres on the needy,and the less fortunate children living in difficulty circumstances.
Based on the value of human diginity and being kin to the kinless,we work to assure the best future of each needy child.This means providing the basics in life.we also work to provide further support such as individual care and attention which may be offered by the volunteers in our program.

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