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Uganda-Lake Lyantonde Tours

Project Name:Lake Lyantonde Tours
Date Posted:14/01/2007
Date Updated:20/06/2008
City/Town:Kabarole District, western Uganda
Commitment:1 - 6 month
People Needed:10
Required Skills:none
Description:Teaching in the neighbouring primary schools
Contact Person:Mr. Tugume Emmanuel
Phone:(mobile) 256-772-562513
This project requires a small fee.Note: This project has a small fee required.

Lake Lyantonde tours,campsite and Bandas, a community tourism project initiated by the Kabata Rural farmers Group in Kabarole District, western Uganda is seeking volunteers to support our efforts to foster community Development among the local peasants surrounding Lake Lyantonde and the neighbouring areas.

The volunteer(s) will work in the following fields;

  • Teaching in the neighbouring primary schools; this is intended to create linkages between the rural Children of Uganda and the International community and to enable our children learn to communicate properly with Visitors.
  • working with the campsite to fund raise for the different programs we have started and those we are Hiv/Aids awareness, Psycho-social support to the HIV/Aids Orphans and Vulnerable children,environmental conservation and tree planting campaign,sustainable agriculture,Safe water use and sanitation,Human rights education, supporting the women to start income generating projects eg. hand crafts, E.t.c
  • Marketing the Tourism business of the Campsite.

Required number is 10. Volunteers can work in different projects of their choice as above.

The volunteers are requested to pay a participation fee of US$300 dollars to the Campsite. This caters for Accommodation and feeding(local meals) and part of it goes for the construction of a banda to generate incomes to ensure continuity of the projects. The volunteer can participate for any period ranging from 1 to 6 months depending on the nature of work he/she intends to participate and may extend to a desired period if necessary.