AllยปUganda-Lyantonde Community Nursary And Primary School

Uganda-Lyantonde Community Nursary And Primary School

Project Name:Lyantonde community nursary and primary school
Date Posted:04/06/2009
Address:Lyantonde,Ruteete,Kabarole district
P.O.Box 753,
Fort Portal - Uganda
Commitment:It is a purely comunity owned and community run school offering education to over 50 needy children and orphans in western Uganda
Type Of Work:Teach English,science,maths and sporting to expertise needed.just your will!
Required Skills:Basic English language,they will teach you our local language
Costs:US$ 400 to $1200 for between a few weeks to one year.For food (3 meals a day)and accommodation decent rooms
Contact Person:Emmanuel Tugume
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+256-772-562 513
Additional Info:This is an opportunity for both the young old to spend your time helping the real needy community as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the can take time off their travel to help out and get lost in the community.try it and you wont regret.

Carlos — 17 March 2012, 02:33

The whole installation laelry worked in a auspicious way. The real wall, those windows up high, the odd parachute sculptures, the lovely laptop mini film, The way we all had to come together to look