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Uganda-Nyakasanga Development

Project id:413
Date submitted:2014-03-05
Date approved:2014-06-10
Project name:Nyakasanga Development
Short description:To train the community and members how to make quality briquette
Country name:Uganda
Region name:Africa
Address:P.O.BOX 69 KASESE Uganda
Commitment:About 1 week (or less)
Type of work:Teaching
Required skills:English and we have a translator in local language
Costs:None (host provides food and / or accommodation)
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full description:Apparently, grass-root people find it difficult to start a new initiative for self-help, without mobilizing for external support to spring board activities. The briquette project will assist the rural community by providing an alternative source of fuel to substitute wood fuel.
So, we want a volunteer to come and train our members and community how to make briquette.
Additional info:Briquette is a new innovation alternative source of cooking fuel that can be used both domestic and in small scale industries. Briquette is made from waste products (coffee, rice husks, banana peels, charcoal dust, and sawdust) the toxic waste ground and the products mixed with water in various proportions. The pellets are then granulated using locally fabricated moulds before being left to dry on the sun and then packaged