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Uganda-Respond Re NUH

Project Name:Respond ReNUH
Date Posted:03/03/2008
Date Updated:16/06/2008
Address:P.O. Box 1451, Plot 12 Patiko Road, Gulu, Uganda
Commitment:3 to 6 months
Type Of Work:Very varied: Project organisation, administration, supervision, research, development of new projects, proposal writing, fund-raising, teaching.

Positions in healthcare for volunteers with a medical background.
Required Skills:Conversational level of English
Costs:There is no fee for administration.

Rent for staying in a secure, shared house is $170 US Dollars a month.

Food is not included. Volunteers can survive on $6 US Dollars a day for food and personal expenses. This is for a basic standard of living. Please budget more money if you have more expensive tastes.
Contact Person:see website
Email:renuh.project(AT), lilly(AT)
Phone:+256 777 09 18 55
Additional Info:We are currently running several programmes including:

1) IGAP – Income Generating Activities Project
We are working with 30 'child mothers', women who were abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) during the civil war in northern Uganda, sexually exploited, and who gave birth during their abduction.

These women and their children are deeply traumatised as a result of their experience and require special assistance to reintegrate into society. Most illiterate and do not possess any skills they could use for income generating activities since they were unable to attend school during their abduction and the civil war. Because of their background, they also face a lot of stigmatisation from society and their peers. This project is funded by the African Hungarian Union (AHU). It began on 1 February 2008 and will run until 1 October 2008, with a possibility of extension. The project aims to be as holistic as possible in addressing these women’s needs, and consists of these four components, identified by the women themselves:
a) Housing: We are constructing thirty huts and a community house for thirty child mothers and their children. Volunteers can get involved in administration, financial accounting, and supervision of the building process.

b) Skills training: We are providing the women with handicrafts skills training. They are learning to make jewellery from recycled paper and to crochet huts, bags, tops, etc. They will also receive several training sessions on business management and leadership skills. During the eight months of the project, the women will receive a regular salary, 25 per cent of which will be saved in a bank account and made available to them at the end of the project to enable them to set up their own businesses. Respond ReNUH will monitor their progress for six months after the end of the project, to provide the women with any other assistance they might need. Volunteers can develop new ideas for training, participate in organising them and help coordinate the production process in collaboration with the project manager.

c) We are sending the women’s children to school, with the help of sponsors under the ‘Adopt a Child Project’ (AChP). Sponsorships costs US$25 a month and cover the children’s school fees, costs for equipment and school uniform, transport, and food. We are always looking for more sponsors, so please ask family and friends whether they would be able to support a child, either on their own or as a group. Volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in fund-raising and the administration of child sponsorships.

d) Afternoon activities. The children are in school until 1pm. However, their mothers’ skills training does not finish until 4pm. As a result, we are aiming to organise afternoon activities such as sport, art and design, music, theatre, etc. to entertain the children and provide them with a real experience of childhood. We have not yet been able to start this project due to lack of human resources. Any volunteers would be very welcome to help us develop this programme. There would be a huge amount of scope for the volunteer to independently design, implement and run the whole programme.

2) SHG – Self-Help Groups
This project aims to establish micro-financing income generating self-help groups in various IDP camps in the districts of Gulu and Amuru. The aim is to set up, assist and monitor groups within the camps and to encourage them to start saving a small amount of money each week, which can then be used for micro-financing lending schemes. The project started in February and will run for at least one year.

This project is also specifically aimed at people living with HIV / AIDS. It is extremely important for people on anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) to take their medication more than 95 per cent of the time. Otherwise their chance of survival drops rapidly and virus resistance to the drugs becomes much more likely. As a result, we are aiming to set up self-help groups which will provide social support and remind people on ARVs to take them regularly, as well as to empower them through micro-financing lending schemes. Volunteers can get involved with the implementation and monitoring of this project. A lot of travelling will be required, on roads and with forms of transport that are often uncomfortable, inadequate, and prone to breakdown. But there is no other way of getting to the camps. The volunteer will have the opportunity to learn more about the situation of people living in the IDP camps and get to know first-hand the problems and challenges people there are facing. While it can be challenging to witness and work in the conditions of the camps, and there can be a language barrier, the volunteer will always be accompanied by the project manager, who will be able to assist and translate. A minimum of three site visits a week will be required. Because of the distance to some camps, we often have to leave Gulu before 8am and often will not return until the late afternoon. Sometimes it might be necessary to stay over night in small local hotels or if there are no other facilities, in one of the camps. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to become involved with the administration and evaluation of the project, and possibly with further fund-raising and proposal writing activities.

3) Satellite clinics:
We are currently planning to partner with healthcare specialists to set up semi-permanent structures in several IDP camps in the districts of Pader and Amuru to provide the people there with basic health facilities and access to HIV testing and ARV drugs.

4) Sexual and Gender Based Violence:
We are aiming to develop a project to address the very high levels of sexual and gender based violence in northern Uganda. IMPORTANT New projects and partnerships are being developed all the time and it is difficult to predict what exactly we will be doing in a few months’ time. But there will always be a range of projects which volunteers can get involved in and we will always provide you with a list of things to choose from. The most important thing is to be flexible. To apply, please submit your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like to volunteer with Respond ReNUH and which project or area you would be particularly interested to work in to lilla.schumicky(AT) or

Please also use this email address to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like a copy of our 9-page introductory document 'Volunteering with Respond ReNUH'.

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