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Uganda-The Little Shoulders Education Trust

Project Name:The Little Shoulders Education Trust
Date Posted:18/02/2008
Address:P.O. Box 786
Jinja - Uganda
Commitment:1 month and above
Type Of Work:Providing outreach to children living in a desperate plight. Education Support, Medical and healthcare support, monitoring the welfare of orphans and children living in crisis and finding out the critically needed assistance.
Required Skills:We need all sorts of volunteers who have a passion to serve through charity and welfare for the good and development of marginalised children living in troubled situations. English is the main language to be used
Costs:The cost is US $ 600 per month. This is to cover accommodation, meals, transport costs for outreach services. A discount is given to volunteers who stay for more than 3 months.
Contact Person:Joseph Z. Mukungu
Email: (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+256 772 652876
Additional Info:The Little Shoulders Education Trust is a child-focused community service organization set up with a mission to reach out to children in a desperate plight. Here in Uganda, a combination of factors including poverty, HIV/AIDS and war have created a class of destitute young people constituted largely by orphans - AIDS orphans, Street children, child victims of war and armed conflict, victims of child exploitation, whose desperate situation needs to be urgently addressed. So The Little Shoulders Education Trust is dedicated to serve these poorest of the poor to educate them, feed them, house them, clothe them and provide medical care for them.\\