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Project Name:Volunteer Uganda
Date Posted:29/12/2009
Address:P.O Box 423 Mukono Uganda,East Africa
Commitment:We can offer free accommodations to our potential volunteers
Type Of Work:Teaching Needy children, community Outreach, fundraising, Vocational studies, Medical services, Orphan care projects, Child care, elderly support, Administration work, Construction of school classes, Sports and Games, Arts/Artisan programs
Required Skills:English, and an out-going personality, a caring heart, fundraising skills etc
Costs:We are a small organization so all volunteers must cover their own expenses but we can offer free accommodations. Volunteering is such a wonderful experience you have the opportunity to teach and learn at the same time

Although we can afford to offer free accommodations to volunteers we expect a volunteer to contribute U.S $ 350 per month, which goes directly to food, laundry, electricity and water for domestic use not for drinking. BoHU is now able to offer free accommodations to all potential volunteers. If working with BoHU activities, volunteers are also expected to meet the $ 75 airport pick up.
Contact Person:Isaac Ssamba
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Additional Info:Volunteer Uganda is not for profit program started by Isaac Ssamba and former volunteers as a liaison for non profit and self supporting volunteers looking to work directly with grass root organizations and programs with a variety of directives. This program is open to both national and international volunteers. Under Beacon of Hope Uganda we recruit and place foreign and local volunteer to grassroots projects in Uganda.

We manage or oversee the running of a number of projects originally set up by locals, but looking for outside help in the form of advise, financial support, long term support and hands on help. Significant donations and enthusiastic volunteers have allowed us to achieve much in the short time we've been here. We also have information on other projects in Uganda that we are not directly involved with, and so can refer people to these, especially if people have special interests or skills.

We focus on enabling people to experience life in African developing countries and to raise funds for the host projects volunteers work on. Currently Volunteer Uganda places volunteers to Uganda Local CBOs and NGOs however, there is room for new openings. Projects are practical hands-on work, such as building school classrooms, working with orphaned children, teaching or helping the development of a local initiative.

Volunteer Uganda currently has opportunities aimed at providing primary and secondary education to needy children and community outreach and counseling with our partner organization in Uganda. This provides an opportunity to experience Ugandan life first-hand while working to improve your host community.