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Uganda-Volunteer Work And Cultural Exchange Opportunities

Project id:183
Date submitted:2013-05-05
Date approved:2013-11-12
Project name:Volunteer Work and Cultural Exchange Opportunities
Short description:A unique concept providing a learning experience to fully immerse yourself
Country name:Uganda
Region name:Africa
Commitment:About 2 weeks
Type of work:Teaching
Required skills:
Costs:Less than 500 USD / month
Contact person:Ritzer Kenie
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Full description:Volunteers work in our Kids Home , the School and rural Village. A country full of needs in contrast to its wild panoramas, Uganda offers an indelible experience you will never forget. For all its beauty, the needs in Uganda are great.
Additional info:Your Volunteer in Uganda service will make a difference. To Uganda. And to you.