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Project Name:SJ Vietnam
Date Posted:18/02/2008
Address:No 10D, Lane 28, Tay Ho Street, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Commitment:2 weeks for international workcamp and minimum one month for long term projects
Type Of Work:social work with disable and street children, development project, teaching, art project, inter cultural projects.
Required Skills:No special skills required but a lot of motivation and to be ready to live as local middle class and inside an international / local group of volunteers.
The working language is English.
Contact Person:Miss Do Thi Phuc
Email:    (Note: email address is tripple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+84 (0)4 2154993
Additional Info:The organization Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam) is a non-profit international youth volunteering organization in Hanoi, Vietnam. It textis a small organization, set up for, and by young volunteers. In december 2007, 3207 young vietnamese volunters were official members of SJ Vietnam.Our volunteers are active in the organization as work camp leaders, project managers or as volunteer on our local projects.

The goals of SJ Vietnam are:
• Work towards a society of justice, peace and solidarity.
• Break cultural misunderstanding between peoples and nations.
• Improve local and global environment, provide non-formal education, reduce poverty and establish human rights.
• Encourage young people to participate actively in the society in which they live.

The SJ Vietnam slogan can be translated as: "Volunteer for sharing, learning and being responsible". SJ Vietnam organizes short- and long-term work camps and projects, actions of social integration, training activities, international solidarity actions, and runs a small youth centre in Hanoi since 2006. All volunteers, both Vietnamese as well as international, are warmly welcomed to join and participate in the projects provided by SJV. Furthermore, Vietnamese volunteers are sent abroad to participate in volunteering projects by partner organizations all over the globe.

ps: about the cost:
it is $150/ 2 week (workcamp) and $250/ month for long term volunteers. That include the food, basic accomodation in our international youth house, project participation and local transport if needed.