AllยปVietnam-Volunteer For Organic Farm In Vietnam

Vietnam-Volunteer For Organic Farm In Vietnam

Project id:39
Date submitted:2012-09-27
Date approved:2013-10-31
Project name:Volunteer for organic farm in Vietnam
Short description:Immersing in unspoiled natural forest and peaceful countryside
Country name:Vietnam
Region name:Asia
Address:Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Commitment:No commitment required
Type of work:Community Work
Required skills:No special equipments for this program. You just need a good health, love nature and discovery.
Costs:More than 500 USD / month
Contact person:David Nguyen
Email:    (Note: email address is triple protected from spammers.)
Phone:+84 974 313 104
Full description:You have a period of time for free and by now you dont know what you should spend it for. You never try to become a farmer before or you get very interested in organic farm with a lot of vegetables, fruit
Additional info: