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IMPORTANT: This is no longer maintained, see homepage for more info.

Featured in the Lonely Planet volunteer guide pg. 225.

Independent Volunteer and the people behind it.

This site was first created in June 2006 and is maintained by a core group of just a few volunteers. The entire cost (including time and money) are donated to the public. We hope that this will help bridge the gap between those that need help and those that have a little extra to give.

Tim Schloendorn - Germany (Correspondence and Updating)
I found it rather hard to find a place for myself while traveling in Asia. After I found an opportunity, I must admit it changed th course of my life quite a bit... I came back to study environmental science.
Jonathan Cross - San Francisco (Webmaster)
I ran into this group while volunteering in Sri Lanka. Inspired by the energy and enthusiasm, I decided to put my tech skillz to work -- bringing this website to life to help others interested in volunteering.
Emily Morrison - Australia (Co-Founder of Independent Volunteer)
After so many conversations about how hard it was to find good information on independent volunteering, we decided to stop talking and get active. Spending my time volunteering has given me more than I dreamt of. Through the challenges and experiences I've had, I have learnt and grown so much. I hope that other people can use this website as a doorway to entering into the amazing world of volunteering.
Nina Tschopp - Switzerland
Traveling from Europe to and then through Asia, I was happy to find people volunteering in Sri Lanka. For about a month, I regularly visited the lovely ladies at "Sambodhi", a home for handicapped women. As cheesy as it sounds, it was sharing some time and a lot of and getting back good energy!
Rupert Evers - UK
We were all frustrated trying to find volunteer work abroad and decided to do something about it. I have great hopes that this site will become a major International hub for independent volunteers and lead to the improvement of thousands of lives.... you can always dream!
Sarah Tribe - UK
I volunteered in India for six months last year and came to Sri Lanka to extend my visa. I fell in love with the country and the people. Now I'm back here for my third time doing what I can on several projects but also trying to make a life for myself out here so I can come out here indefinitely next time and hopefully help to keep the volunteer movement moving.
Yulia Belyaeva - Russia (Correspondence and Updating)
I have never been to Sri Lanka, so I joined IV by chance thanks to influence of Tim, whom I met during my studies in Switzerland. Once I understood the idea of the project I felt in love with it and decided to dedicate some of my time to help to keep IV running.
Aaron - World Traveler/Technocrat
My first volunteering time was in Afrika at Nairobits. It was such a transforming experience that I decided to help others do the same, ;-).

We would also like to thank: Luke Mitchell (UK), Liz and Darren (UK), Sebastian Pleuse (Germany), Jacqueline van Oostveen (Holland) and all others who have helped to develop this website in their own time.