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Country Information

More websites relating to individual countries are listed under Projects By Country.
For a list of National Volunteer Centers around the world see National Volunteer Centers

Volunteer placement websites

Volunteer South America
Huge selection of free and low-cost projects in South & Middle America
This site is very similar to independent volunteer, with a range of projects worldwide.
The 7 Interchange
Very similar to our site, but different projects
Volunteering Info
Very similar to our site - VolunteeringInfo's aim is simple; we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who's considering to volunteer to find all the information they need. As a part of that, we've got a database of organisations around the world, many of which offer free placements.
Very similar to our site - Ecoteer Is cutting out the middle man reducing volunteer fees dramatically. Ecoteer provides a portal for travellers and projects to find each other. Ecoteer offers volunteering placements in ecotourism, teaching, conservation and farming in over 50 countries worldwide.
Non-commercial volunteer placement organisation from Japan, good list of worldwide projects (different from those on independent volunteer)
Green Volunteers
Database of conservation volunteer projects worldwide
Volunteer Forum
A Swedish and English language Volunteer Community. For people and organizations that are interested in volunteering.
True Travellers
Has a selection of free programmes, nice travelling site!
Has a lot of projects (not only teaching) in Asia, Africa and Latin America. They charge approx 500$ / months for mid & longer term volunteers.
ASF - German
Germany based organisation that offers volunteer placements and even got some funds to pay for your expenses. It's Christian and has Germanys Nazi-Past as motivation motor to promote peace through volunteering
Volunteering sponsored by the German Government (Only for Germans/Immigrants with residence permit)
Huge variety of opportunities, min. 6 month, (low) paid volunteer work
Gap Year Worldwide
Gapyear-Site that hosts quite a few projects with no or low cost
Organisation with reasonably priced volunteer placements worldwide
Help X
Offers Volunteer Opportunities in exchange for food & accommodation, especially in developed countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand
A great website and database providing vast information about volunteer opportunities, job vacancies, campaigns, events and resources worldwide. You can search the database by country or field of work to find volunteer opportunities. They also have an incredible number of links that are worth taking the time to explore.
Jane Goodall Institute Volunteer Placements
Jane Goodall Institute is a rather large NGO offering some volunteer placements in Africa
One World 365
Lists paid and free volunteering placements, organisations and information from all around the world
Service Civil International
One of the biggest volunteer placement organisations. Costs depend on the Project, generally low or zero, offers work camps as well as long term volunteer placements.
Taking It Global
Taking IT Global is a little difficult to navigate on, but if you invest some time you can find a great deal of information on projects of all kinds. You can also find contact to locally active young people around the world to help you out.
German organisation that hosts several volunteer projects in Latin America for free
Small organisation in East Africa linking up volunteers to projects
Volunteer Latin America
Huge selection of free and low-cost projects in South & Middle America, different to those above...
volunteer work latinamerica
Provides information about diverse volunteering opportunity in Peru, Argentina, Chile etc.
Volunteer Logue
A lot of resources, all kinds of information regarding volunteer work.
Volunteer HQ
Has a couple of placements around the globe for reasonable prices, < 500 $/month
World Wide Helpers
A great site listing numerous volunteer opportunities around the world
Volunteer 4 Africa
Hosts a database of low and now cost projects in Africa. Access for free.
Workcamps and up to 2 month volunteer opportunities in several countries, based in iceland.
Dutch site with many opportunites
Large collection of links to volunteer projects worldwide
Offers a range of over 100 volunteer projects in 18 countries around the world, mostly very low cost
Service Volontaire International
Service Volontaire International (SVI) is an international European organization based in Belgium promoting non commercial voluntarism to young people. SVI gives the opportunity to young people between 18 and 30 years old to join about 600 projects in 70 countries.
Solidarits Jeunesses Vietnam
(SJ Vietnam) is an international non profit youth NGO that promotes values of solidarity, peace and tolerance through youth citizenship projects to improve society during and after the voluntarism. Every year, SJ Vietnam uses to host 500 international volunteers.SJ Vietnam count around 3256 local members aged between 15 and 35 years old.
Travel Blog & agency with list of free volunteer opportunities
Resources and opportunities, focused on Africa.
Some opportunities, mainly in Ghana
several opportunities in several countries
Blog with volunteer opportunities
Professional Volunteer Travel Agency with many opportunities and prices around 500$ / month
International Humanity Foundation
Several Opportunities in a number of countries
Help Stay
Contact platform between host and helpers. All offers include Food & Accomodation, site offers verification option.

Volunteer Placement Websites - By Field


Dave's ESL Cafe
Lists a wide range of paid and volunteer teaching positions. For volunteer positions, use the "search" function and type in volunteer
Travel to Teach
Travel to Teach offers several placements at a reasonable fee, especially for long term volunteers


Blue Planet Divers.Org
Volunteer work involving marine biology, diving and marine conservation. World wide opportunities listed.
Friends of the Earth
An international environmental group. See their volunteer page.
Willing Workers on Organic Farms
The International WWOOF Association is dedicated to helping those who would like to volunteer on organic farms internationally.

Community Work

Oxfam is an international organisation dedicated to social justice. Volunteer opportunities exist as well as ongoing campaigns for human rights around the world. Many chances to get involved. Oxfam have pioneered the "Make Trade Fair" movement among others.

Construction / Labour


Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders
One of the largest medical volunteer services

Human Rights

Human Rights Directory
Lists a number of human rights organisations that take volunteers.

Administration / Office

Help Out With This Website
Help us develop this site! Otherwise, suggestions, comments & feedback can be sent to contact us.
Indy Media
Indymedia is a leftist worldwide grassroots media network.
Volunteering Online - UN
A UN run service enabling online volunteering.

Volunteer Organisations

National Volunteer Centers
Information on volunteer conferences
One Pen
A Volunteer Site for sharing information and experiences. It features a nice world map so you can easily see what places the posts concern.
Volunteer Forum
Forum site with loads of information and quite a lot of projects. If you have a project yourself, you can creat your own free website through them.
Volunteering Options Ireland
This site contains information about all aspects of planning an overseas volunteering placement. It encourages people to think about their motivations for volunteering, to plan all as much as possible pre-departure, to take on the role of learner and guest while overseas, and to use their experiences when they return to work for long-term development and global justice. It also has a database of over 120 organisations that arrange volunteer placements, plus a copy of our Volunteer Charter and Code of Practice for Sending Organisations.

Private Pages

Love is all that Matters
A growing website that currently has stories on Tsunami volunteers, exploring the compassion that comes out of disasters.
Seraphina Arts
A big purple sparkly website by Geniene Burchett, a British artist working with children in Sri Lanka.


Netz Kraft
A Network for people & projects with good intentions, for all kinds of exchange and networking
Wiki-Type guide to all kinds of simple and sustainable practises & technologies
Bagel Hole
Information Hub on self-sustainability and community building.
General travel page with interesting sub-sites on volunteering
Foundation Center
An immense site with lists of international aid foundations, some of them offering volunteer opportunities.
Swiss foundation directory
German foundation directory
Hospitality Club
This site is to find free accommodation around the world. You can also check out their volunteering-forum to find some more opportunities. See also: Couchsurfing
Microfinancing using the power of the Internet to connect those with a little extra cash with those who need it most. An alternative to cash donation.
A site for sharing Art stuff with the potential for commercialisation. They create and develop art and media collaboratively on their site; They use their founders position in the traditional entertainment industry to turn that creativity into money-making productions (being a hollywood actor) and then we share any profits with the contributing artists.
Oxfam is an international organisation dedicated to social justice. Volunteer opportunities exist as well as ongoing campaigns for human rights around the world. Many chances to get involved.
Solar Cooking
Information on Solar Cooking, this is an option to help simply and by your self while travelling, if you got some funds.
Tausch Kultur
Become a member of this organisation and you can receive funds for small scale livelihood projects while travelling
Unesco Education
The UNESCO site for teaching sustainability, really a lot of material including lesson plans and games!
The Volunteering England Image Bank
Contains positive photographs of volunteering, capturing the diversity of people and activities - ideal for tempting recruitment posters, eye-catching flyers and upbeat annual reports. This Image Bank is a not-for-profit venture with a pricing structure designed to enable small, under-funded organisations to access images for a fraction of the normal cost.
Youth Action for Peace
Activities are international exchanges of volunteers into non-profit initiatives, international training courses and seminars and other activities such as conferences, campaigns and various publications