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Working In Collaboration With NG Os And Local Groups


Local NGOs and other groups often have a lot of knowledge and resources. Whilst independent volunteers sometimes get frustrated with the bureaucracy of organisations, they can be very useful.

Independent volunteers are usually great for working on small projects, but the NGOs are generally better placed to handle the bigger ones.

They also have contacts, information, resources and equipment that you may be able to make use of.

I suggest:

  • ask around locals to find out which NGOs have a good reputation and why
  • get in touch with the NGO and talk to them about what youre planning on doing
  • make it clear that you are not attempting to undermine their work
  • ensure that the work you are doing is not going to conflict with any other work being carried out

You may find that there is an NGO that has the same ideas as you and that you can work together.

Local groups

Local groups may include temples, churches, mosques or other religious centres. Often religions leaders have great influence within the community making them important people to consult and talk to.

Other local groups will probably be location specific so ask around. Shopkeepers tend to be a good source of local knowledge as well.

Written By: Emily. Please contact us for any suggestions or further information.