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General Info on Switzerland

Links for Switzerland

Forum Freiwilligenarbeit (German/French only)
Links to organisations all over Switzerland, also has some international links

Benoval Schweiz (German/French/Italian only)
Direct links to projects all over Switzerland.
"BENEVOL Schweiz ist die Dachorganisation der Fach- und Vermittlungsstellen für Freiwilligenarbeit in der Deutschschweiz. Er ist parteipolitisch und konfessionell neutral."

Cafe Yucca (German) / English speakers might be able to help as well.

Ein Cafe im Züricher Niederdörfli, Anlaufstelle für Menschen in schwierigen Lebenssituationen.

This is a Cafe in the very center of Zürich, where people in difficult Situations can get cheap food and drinks, and find a place to meet and talk. They need volunteer staff for all parts (kitchen, bar, just talking)

Zuerich Freiwillig (German) large number of opportunities to do some good in the zuerich area